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We understand the importance of a good nights sleep.  We hope the information provided here will be helpful in selecting the right mattress.  With 1/3 of our lives spent in bed the choices we make are important to our heath.  A good night’s sleep helps to relieve stress, helps us to concentrate better and renews our energy to accomplish all that needs to be done in our busy daily lives.

A Peaceful Room
Let your bedroom become that peaceful place where you allow yourself to rest.  Creating that peaceful environment includes the selection of your mattress.  Eliminate the lap top, the TV, and anything else that may interfere with you letting your body and mind rest.

Mattress Sizes -- For Your Room
The size of your room will determine the size of the mattress you will select.  You always want to choose a mattress that gives you the maximum space in sleeping.  You need room with your bed to allow you to move and turn with comfort.  This remains true whether the mattress is for one person or a couple.  For couples a queen or king size is always recommended.

Standard Mattress Sizes
  • Twin (39" x 75")
  • Twin Extra Long (39" x 80")
  • Full (54" x 75")
  • Queen (60" x 80")
  • King (76" x 80")
  • California King (72" x 84")
It is always a good idea to measure and see what size is best for your room before you begin shopping for a new mattress set.

Helpful Information for Your Sales Representative

Make certain that you are comfortable with your sales rep and that he or she is helpful and not pushy. The sales representative should know their products well and listen to your needs to better help you with your selection.

Mattress Budget
It is very helpful to give your Sales Representative your budget if you have established one.  It is also good to discuss what the budget is beforehand so you do not get caught up in an emotional buy.  Most mattress stores have a wide selection of mattresses from different manufacturers and your Sales Representative should be able to guide you given the information.  A good queen mattress set with a 10 year warranty should realistically cost about $1,200 to $1,500 dollars.

Sleeping Position
It is very important for your Sales Representative to know what positions you sleep in.  Some people sleep in multiple positions and this is also very helpful information.  Whether you are a back sleeper, side sleeper or stomach sleeper will help determine the correct comfort level you should try.  There are many different comfort levels in mattresses and he should be able to guide you to mattresses that will be both supportive and comfortable for the way you sleep. 

Quality Features to Look for in a Mattress
A ten-year warranty or longer.  Most coil system mattresses have a 10 year full warranty and the Latex & Foam mattresses usually come with a 20 year warranty.  You want to purchase a mattress that is built to last.

  • Support
    Ask about the support of the mattress and the coil system.  Also ask about the side support.  A foam encased side adds greater strength and longevity to the mattress.
  • Comfort Foams
    Inquire about the foams in the comfort layers that you will be lying on.  Many manufacturers add visco memory foam and latex to improve pressure relief.
  • Other Information
    It is very important that the mattress supports your spine.  You do not want a mattress where your hips are sinking in to the point that it throws your spine out of alignment.  Any mattress should fill in and cradle the body in any position while maintaining spine alignment.  A poorly supported mattress whether new or old can contribute to lower back pain, shoulder pain and back stiffness.

A Guide to Comfort Levels
The old standard that you had to sleep on a very firm mattress in order to have proper back support are long gone.  Today it is possible to have a supportive mattress that is actually comfortable at the same time.  We are giving a brief description of the different comfort levels available today.  Mattress companies have done a very nice job of even varying the feels at each comfort level.  This gives you better choices.  For example a plush mattress can have different feels within that comfort level.  One plush mattress may feel slightly firmer and another may feel very soft.  It is your decision to choose the one that feels best to you.  The many choices available help you in finding the mattress that is just right.

  • Firm Mattresses
    There are many people who just like a mattress that feels firm and has very little give when lying on it.  A firm mattress has very little padding and is usually quilted in a tight pattern such as a diamond shape that does not provide too much cushioning.  It has been our experience that most people preferring a firm mattress tend to sleep on their backs.
  • Cushion Firm Mattresses
    The cushion firm comfort level has been a great addition to comfort in buying a mattress. With this comfort level you still have a firm mattress but you also have an extra layer of padding for pressure relief.  This is an excellent choice for a person who definitely wants a firm mattress and often times are surprised with the comfort the extra layer of padding ads to their sleep experience.   Before your choice was either firm then plush this is in between the two comfort levels and we find most people preferring this comfort level are back or stomach sleepers.
  • Plush Mattresses
    A Plush mattress includes additional layers of comfort foams to provide a softer surface for sleeping.  Interestingly enough this comfort level which we consider the middle level in comfort can accommodate several different sleeping positions with support.  This is usually a great choice for a guest room because you usually don’t know whether your guests prefer a firm or soft mattress and the plush level can be comfortable for all sleeping positions. This is also a great choice for couples if one prefers soft and the other firm.  And remember these plush mattresses have varying degrees of softness so try several to find the one for you.
  • Pillow Top Mattresses, Euro Top Mattresses, Box Top Mattresses
    If you prefer a mattress that is softer than a plush mattress the Pillow Top, Euro Top and Box Top would be the right choice.  With the added pillow top to the mattress the manufacturer can ad additional layers of padding to create a softer feel.  Because of the way the Euro Top and Box Top are made there is more room for additional padding and they will often times feel the softest.  Pillow Top mattresses are a great choice for individuals who like to sleep on their sides the majority of the time.

Our Top Mattress Brands

Sealy Posturepedic is one of the best known manufacturers in the United States.  Their distribution is huge and they really provide customers with quality choices at many different ranges in price. You can usually find Sealy Posturepedic mattresses wherever you shop.

Simmons Beautyrest is known for their individually pocketed coil system.  With this system not only do the individual coils help conform to the shape of each body they also “Do Not Disturb” your partners sleep as you move and turn while sleeping.  Anyone who sleeps with a partner who tosses and turns should consider the Simmons beautyrest.

Simmons NxG absolutely offers the best of two worlds.  With the combination of the Simmons
individually pocketed coil system and their Next Generation Advanced Memory Foam they have created a mattress that is a must try!  The NxG dissipates heat and the smooth mattress surface just ads to the excellent comfort of this mattress.

Stearns & Foster has led the industry since the 1800’s as a company known for quality and luxury.  They have always used quality materials that create a luxurious feel and have set them apart from other brands for years.  .Stearns & Foster has been known as the Cadillac of the bedding industry.

Serta Perfect Sleeper has a quality reputation and has produced comfortable mattresses for the past 75 years at a very affordable price.  They feature a strong coil system with foam encased side support and multiple comfort levels. 

Tempur-pedic has actually become a household name.  They have led the industry with the development of their Visco Memory Foam with all of its pressure relieving qualities.  With the offer of many different beds for comfort their selection is great and beneficial to many individuals.  The Tempur product is known for conforming to the body without creating pressure.

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