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Mattress and Sleep Tips, Questions & Answers
from the GoToMattress Team

  1. Should you exercise just before bedtime in order to help you sleep?
    No you should not. Exercise is absolutely an important part of a healthy lifestyle. We recommend if exercising you do it at least two hours before you decide to fall asleep. It is so important to create a restful peaceful and quiet place to allow you to fall asleep.

  2. Can not getting enough sleep affect your eating habits? Yes it can. Research has shown that sleep deprivation may interfere with the hormone levels that can affect our appetite. People who sleep less than 7 hours a night seem to be most affected.

  3. Should you get up and leave the room if you can’t fall asleep? No you should not. If at all possible try to stay in your bed where your body is still in a restful state. By staying in a peaceful restful place sleep will usually come. Even though it may seem like it takes a while your body is at least resting. What normally keeps you wakeful is the mind thinking about the situations in your life that do not allow rest. Try to push those thoughts aside and go to a peaceful place.

  4. Can I help my child with proper sleep habits? Yes you can. You want to create a restful peaceful and quiet room. It is also good to have a routine that lets them know its bedtime. Children require more sleep than adults and need 10 to 12 hours.

  5. Do men wake up more often during the night than Women? No. Both men and women most likely wake up more than they realize. A person whether male or female can wake up for a few seconds several times during the night with normal brain activity.

  6. Can people fall asleep and not know it? Yes they can. Sleep deprivation can become a serious problem and you can fall asleep for 8 to 10 seconds and not even be aware of it. It is very important to make sleeping an important part of your healthy lifestyle. Give your sleep serious thought and do everything possible to create an environment that helps you if you are having difficulty.

  7. Do most Teenagers fall asleep later and wake up later? Yes they do. Most Teenagers seem to be biologically programmed that way. They become night owls and like to stay up later and of course wake up later also. Studies have shown that it is difficult for teenagers to wake up early and they are finding they do better in school if classes start later in the morning.

  8. Do women complain more about snoring? Yes they do. Men tend to snore more often than women and tend to snore more loudly. Women often complain more in their 50’s because they are having difficulty sleeping themselves and their partners loud snoring is a much bigger problem. Many women tell us they end up with their own bedroom because they just can’t get enough sleep. Loud snoring that even sounds gaspy can sometimes be a symptom of sleep apnea.. With sleep apnea the airway closes for a few seconds and there is no air flow.

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