The power of customers

At Home Mattress Center (HMC), your comfort is our delight. We not only pride ourselves on getting you the best mattress for you, we also give you the best customer service that will make you comfortable when relating with us. The importance of good customer service cannot be overemphasized, and that is why we employ only the best staff that is friendly, accommodating and connects well with customers so that they can make the best decisions when buying a mattress. There are three major benefits of good customer service.

Customer Retention

The reviews we have got over the past few years are testaments to show how good our customer service is and the importance of customer service for retaining customers.

There are people out there who have had bad encounters with the staff of other companies which created a bad impression for them about bed companies. One customer had this bad impression, but this changed after visiting Home Mattress Center. It is one thing for your mattresses to be good and for people to come to your company, but it is another thing for you to retain those customers. With a preconceived idea of how bed companies have bad customer service, this customer came to HMC because of the urgent need for a bed. There, he met a member of our staff who was nice, professional and detailed. This was sort of new to this customer and the frown which he walked into our company with soon turned into a smile. Our staff took time to listen to his complaints and catered to the customer’s needs. The customer left satisfied and eager to recommend people to our company just because we were friendly, professional and eager solve his problem. This is the power of good customer service.

It prevents business failure

HMC has been around for 50 years and is still waxing strong. Studies show that many companies shut down their businesses within 10 years, and this is largely due to poor customer service. Once the problems of buyers are not solved, they can get frustrated and not come back again. When a business loses one buyer, it most times creates a chain reaction causing other buyers to stop coming. This is because it takes only one bad review to stop many from patronizing your business.

Strong customer relationship

Good customer service promotes strong customer relationship. Making customers feel welcome and a part of the business will make them feel more inclined to purchase your product. At HMC, because it is family-owned, we have a culture of family and friendliness, making customers feel very comfortable. With the help of our sleep doctors with years of knowledge and experience, you are definitely going to have a good time picking the mattress of your dreams.

Like earlier said, HMC has been around for several decades and this would only be possible if we provided good mattress, and provided knowledgeable professionals to help you choose them. A customer once said, “Get your bed at HMA or sleep on a rock forever.” Comments like this can only exist if you have good customer service.

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