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Mattress Name Confusion! - Tuesday, March 10, 2015
Most people don’t know that mattress companies use many names for the exact same mattress. This is a common practice by the mattress manufactures to give every retailer a different name for the exact same mattress. This makes it difficult for the average customer to shop from one store to another. But, don’t worry I’ve done the hard work for you.

iComfort® 2019

The Serta® iComfort® Memory Foam Sleep System

Designed to Help Comfortably Cool and Support Every Curve of Your Body Are you looking for the contouring, pressure-relieving comfort of memory foam but worried it could sleep too hot, not feel right for you or just be too expensive? Introducing Serta’s latest iComfort® memory foam sleep system, featuring our new TempActiv™ technology that helps comfortably cool and support every curve of your body. It’s an advanced temperature regulation system that you could easily pay more for from other brands. This, combined with our advanced memory foams, lets iComfort take you to a place where your body and mind are at complete peace.

Comfortably Cooling

Did you know that nearly half of all adults complain of sleeping hot at least a couple of times a week?* If you’re like them and struggle to find the right temperature at night or are simply concerned that memory foam mattresses can sleep hot, then a Serta iComfort mattress may be right for you. The secret to our new iComfort memory foam is our TempActiv technology, designed to help your find your right sleeping temperature from the moment you lie down. The iComfort sleep system series starts with our TempActiv Gel Memory Foam (found in our Blue 100, 300 and 500 models), which helps dissipate heat through the night. It then steps up to the powerful combination of TempActiv Max Gel Memory Foam and our TempActiv Touch fabric technology (found starting with the Blue Max 1000 models) that brings an instant cool-to-the touch feeling and extra temperature regulating power. This can help you fall asleep and enjoy peaceful comfort through the night.

*Serta Online Quantitative Segmentation Study, December 2016