Shopping tips on how to buy a mattress.

Regardless of why you are looking to buy a new mattress, there are limitless options to choose from. Before you start shopping for such a major purchase take some time to do the research since a new mattress is an investment in your well-being.
Follow the tips below in the order given in order to make the choice less overwhelming:
1. Determine your budget and your personal needs before you begin researching mattress options. Considering that you sleep on a mattress for about 6-8 hours daily, buy the best that you can afford.
2. Know your options by researching what type of mattress suits your individual needs. Determine the size and type of mattress and if unsure ask friends, or recall places where you have enjoyed a good night’s rest.
3. Online research offers considerable insight to the potential buyer. One of its most valuable advantages is that you can read customer reviews for each type of mattress. The more reviews a site has, the more likely they are to be from a reliable source.
4. Get reliable advice from a trained sales person. Choose the store carefully and ensure that it can provide information and the attention that you deserve. Ask friends and family to suggest a furniture store, department store or specialty sleep store in your area. Most sales people are highly trained, can answer all your questions and give advice on the best type of mattress for specific needs. Look elsewhere if you feel that you aren’t getting the service you deserve.
5. Beware of gimmicks. If a mattress claims to be orthopedic, or anything else, the medical association must officially certify it.
6. Test the suitability of the mattress by trying it out in the store. Dress comfortably, kick your shoes off and test it out in various sleeping positions (especially your preferred one) for at least 15 minutes.
7. Be aware of the following: 1) Firm mattresses are not always better for your back, look for firm support. 2) Pillow tops aren’t necessary for people that are very light, but they offer protection from the coils for heavier people. 3) If you don’t like to be completely flat when you sleep you might be interested in trying an adjustable bed. These allow you to elevate your head and knees.
8. Guarantees or trial periods are important to know. Some states still allow a comfort guarantee and you can return the mattress for a specified amount of time if you are not satisfied. Inquire if you will be liable to pay delivery in such an event, and if you will have a money-back guarantee or only an exchange.
9. Look at the warranty, which will usually be 10 years for a good mattress.
10. Ensure that you protect your investment by buying a waterproof mattress protector with it. The warranty is void if the mattress has stains.
One last tip: Be on the lookout for special offers and sale, and always negotiate guarantees and delivery charges.

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